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Finally, the only shaker you'll ever need!


 Thumb Thang is a hands-free, multi-tasking, percussive accessory, a shaker like no other!  Engineered to be non-weight bearing on your fingers with a sleek design that does not impede one's mobility or dexterity. Three separate chambers help maintain the balance. Innovative glass beads give Thumb Thang its unique sound. All this thought, design, engineering and passion have created a truly one of a kind piece of percussion. 


Why a shaker? When a musician uses a shaker, he or she usually shakes it with a 16th note rhythm. This 16th note pulse creates a rhythmic grid.  Anything rhythmically happening within a song can find a resting point within this grid. In most recordings, if you listen closely, someone is playing a shaker in the track. What happens is magical and can become hypnotic.


 If you have never played an instrument, Thumb Thang makes you feel like you can. If you play an instrument, Thumb Thang makes you sound and groove better, anywhere, all the time. It's that simple.


One of the most unique contributions to the family of percussion. Hands free, or held in your hands, Thumb Thang is the only shaker you will ever need.


Can be fitted and worn on any digit that best suits your application/playing needs.



 Instead of asking the question, "What is a Thumb Thang?", ask, "Do you have a Thumb Thang?"  

Thumb Thang®  is a Patented and Trademarked product by Musician, Drummer, Teacher and Innovator, Ed Bettinelli.


Made in the USA.

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